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ArtSafe North AB has in its product range two of Sweden's most widely used art systems, RegitArt with over one third of Sweden's municipalities and Konstdatabasen (the Art Database) with all Swedish government agencies, as well as other organizations. We have years' experience of helping to configure and train to make it as easy for our customers as possible. Our systems are continuously developed, upgraded and updated with the help of all our customers.


RegitArt was developed in 2012, focusing primarily on the requirements of Swedish municipalities for a simple and easily accessible art inventory system. Today it includes features like delegated inventory, templates for printing and lending. RegitArt has external links to list and display artwork or to communicate with GIS, map services.

public art - Konstdatabasen

Konstdatabasen is a system for the state-owned public art, which includes over 100,000 artworks located on more than 200 government agencies and about 1,600 permanent building-based works of art specifically commissioned for state-owned environments and buildings. The state public art collections have grown for a long time and represent high artistic, cultural and economic values.

In order to ensure that the state public art collections are cared for both on a long term basis and professionally, the Public Art Agency Sweden has since 2004 overseen the state government's public art. The works are registered in Konstdatabasen and then used a documentation for yearly inventory, damages and police reports. Konstdatabasen was started in 2000 and is run by ArtSafe on behalf of the Public Art Agency Sweden. 

ArtSafe has developed, and contiue to oversee, the Public Art Agency's internal art system for storage and logistics management. 

operation, support & development

Operation, support, training and development are made by RIW Software Techn AB. RIW Software develops and markets Art Inventory Systems, Visitor Management (VisitLog), Room Bookings (BookitWise), and Case Management (RegitWise) products.

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